NALC: New president, new Congress, new challenges

Postal Record – January 2017


“While it’s unclear how the new Congress will affect letter carriers and the Postal Service in the coming months,” President Rolando said, “it has been clear for years that our craft and our employer have been held in high esteem, judging by public opinion polls and the strong majority bipartisan support that various postal resolutions have enjoyed.

“The Postal Service is decidedly non-partisan,” the president added. “It doesn’t receive a dime of taxpayer dollars, yet reaches every urban and rural community in the country. And with its roots in the Constitution and with nearly one quarter of letter carriers having served in the military, our employer should have broad appeal among conservatives. Nevertheless, we will all need to stay on constant guard for any moves that could threaten our service, our jobs and our collective bargaining rights, and we will all have to raise our voices in Congress to help protect our interests.”

“The Postal Service is off-budget and receives no tax money—paying for its operations through the sale of postage and postal products—so Trump’s freeze should not extend to USPS. Our lawyers and our lobbyists already are working to ensure that it does not.”
– NALC President Fredric Rolando
NALC Postal Record, Jan 2017

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Source: National Association of Letter Carriers

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