NALC National Convention Chronicle for July 21, 2014


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In his keynote speech on Monday, July 21, to the more than 5,300 delegates on hand for the National Association of Letter Carriers’ 69th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia, President Fredric V. Rolando highlighted the many victories letter carriers have celebrated since the 2012 convention in Minneapolis, while also laying out the challenges the union faces in the coming months and years.

With a balance of wit and gravitas— topped off by some good old-fashioned labor union passion—Rolando noted what a remarkable achievement it is within the labor movement that our union is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. He used that milestone as a springboard to review the NALC’s past successes as they relate to the challenges that lie ahead—for the union and for the U.S. Postal Service.

“The task before us is a daunting one,” he said, “because it involves a wide variety of fronts—political, legislative, managerial, commercial, not to mention the media and the public. But the National Association of Letter Carriers is up to the task. Our union is strong and unified, we know what’s at stake, and we have the facts on our side.”

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