NALC: Executive orders on federal employees

May 31, 2018
NALC is currently investigating if the executive orders issued by President Trump on Friday May 25 have any impact on the United States Postal Service. We will report our findings as information becomes available.

The executive orders:

Source: National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO


One thought on “NALC: Executive orders on federal employees

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    A union Brother on the Facebook page made a couple of disparaging remarks directed toward union members who voted for President Trump in the last election.

    Ask those United Steel Workers at US Steel…. the Coal Miners… Union Oil Rig workers… Fraternal Order of Police… Border Patrol Agents…

    Ask all of these Brothers & Sisters how they feel about life and livelihood under the previous administration and how things have changed in these first few months under this President. Are we really so selective in our use of the old saying we don’t hear much since the USPS’s Network Rationalization and plant consolidations began? Do you remember that saying? “An injury to one is an injury to all?” I can’t remember the last time I heard that phrase uttered by the leadership.

    The myth that the labor movement is comprised of Democrats, socialists and Green Partiers has been exposed for what it is over and over again. Conservatives are among you. We are stewards, we are Right to Work opponents… we put our asses and our jobs on the line in defense of our plants, our offices our jobs and even those who sit back quietly in the backdrop watching us do it.

    Fact of the matter is that perhaps you’d have more conservatives stepping up to support our locals and our livelihoods, if they weren’t made to feel like a pariah by the Brothers & Sisters with whom they pay the same dues to the same union for the same reasons… and with whom they suffer the same injustices.

    I could introduce you to more than a couple of Trump-hating non-members… can you think of any? Who would you rather have… them or me?

    The fact is, just like always, the Democrat Party promises and always blames others for failing to keep those promises… even when they held the complete Majority. This President is doing the things he promised and the bi-partisan Establishment absolutely HATES him for it. When he hits opposition, he negotiates a deal for the American people and the American worker. Those deals are putting pressure on countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia for years and the others who have repeatedly raped us and made out like bandits since the signing of NAFTA… need we be reminded of who praised that deal and signed it into law? Need we be reminded who pushed for, cheered and campaigned for TPP? We do know which President said, “Nope, not going to happen.”… even as the Crony Capitalists in the Democrat and Republican Establishment fumed in their inability to stop it?

    Do you honestly believe that it is only the Democrat Party who wants to see Trump gone??? These investigations…. accusations of misconduct… billions are being spent to keep fuel on those dying coals up through the mid-terms… meanwhile, the majority of Americans see it for exactly what it is.

    Am I sorry I voted for Trump? Hell no. The number one reason is even IF… IF… he were out to end my job… what good is my job when my country is in the sewage puddle that the last administration hoped and changed us into?

    So, in solidarity… as a collective bargaining unit… as organized labor… let’s get back to focusing on issues in the workplace and leave the non-workplace related social sideshows to the community organizers. Let’s get back to putting America’s WORKING families first.

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