230 Post Offices to be test sites for Consolidated Casing

Over 230 post offices nationwide will be test sites for this process. Phase 1 will be in May, Phase 2 in June, and Phase 3 in August.

Under this test, carriers will either be “casing multiple routes” or “delivering on the street for 7 hours and 45 minutes”.

Source: NALC Branch 358 – Facebook

5 thoughts on “230 Post Offices to be test sites for Consolidated Casing

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    The DMM states that flat rate priority boxes must be sealed with the adhesive on the flaps and tape is not allowed. Stop letting people put 20-50 lbs in a box and then securing it with fiberglass tape or duct tape. The PO is losing money on that deal. I also knew of a couple people that ordered hundreds of priority boxes and used them to start the wood stove in the winter. Charge for the boxes. Charge to forward mail. Charge to hold mail.

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    $5 per day to hold mail, and customer must pick it up. ZERO forwarding of mail. Time for people to act like adults and let people know their address when they move. All we do is set ourselves up for failure with regard to forwarding mail. Subs don’t know who’s moved, and people’s mail can sit in cluster boxes for months before anyone cleans them out. For that matter, let’s get rid of holding people’s mail altogether. Another way for the USPS to look like fools because the customer went on a two-week vacation, the regular carrier has a week off at the same time, and six different people case the route and 40 different carriers carry time on it. The customer comes home, finds a ton of mail in their box, and blames the stupid carrier and the equally stupid post office. Let them find a neighbor to hold it. Why are we doing it for them AT A LOSS of money for the USPS?

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    Mail must arrive in time to get the carriers on the street earlier and business must provide a street box or some or someplace to deposit their mail. Require all customers to have a box on the street. Carriers must return to the Post Office by 5:00 PM because most business close by 5:00 PM. The other way to save Money is to have satellite offices with Free Post Office boxes for mail pick up. If we get enough people having Post Office boxes this would eliminate a lot of routes and also save gas expense and reduce vehicle cost. Fewer vehicles on the road mean less chance for accidents. OWCP cases can case the mail in the satellite offices. We are paying them to either sit at home or sometimes sitting in the Post Office looking for work.

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    APWU Tampa Fl
    What about temporary forwards?
    I retired after 37 years at the POD and always thought people should notify their contacts of their new address. The post office should not be responsible

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    NALC Branch 1 Detroit
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    The current process is the most efficient way to both delivering and casing the mail volume. Only residual mail volume should be set up in the cases. All mail received that has not been sequenced from the morning and previous day errors should be cased in the office. All mail that has been deemed undeliverable should be place under the proper markup case. Such mail should have the back of the articles scan code, black marker lined out. to prevent its return the next day to same office. And all mail sent to a postal patron should be returned to the sender, No more forwarding of mails, It is up to the customer to change his address with the sender. This would eliminate the billions of dollars lost trying to forward misaddressed mail, and insure the prefunding of the future retire’s. UPS/Fed Ex and other companies have saved money for years because of this. Cost us just as much to return mail, as we have received, except forwarding would be at the hands of the patron, to notify his mailers.

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