One thought on “EMCOR performing interior and exterior maintenance at postal facilities

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Gateway Area District Local
    Office held, if any
    Maintenance Craft Steward
    USPS has to notify the local union before contracting out work. Please see the APWU #: HQTT200310 arbitration settlement and the apwu subcontracting workbook. This also includes labor paid for by fssp calls, standing contracts, ebuy, impac, credit cards and money orders. I assure you that the usps did not notify the union on the local level with an Article 32 due consideration work sheet prior to the work being contracted out. Go to your union president. Have the president contact the maintenance craft representative. Have the maintenance craft representative request all facilities single source provider (fssp) calls for the last year from the usps field maintenance officer (fmo) or local maintenance manager authorized to decline calls in your area. Look at calls and grieve every fssp call that was declined by the FMO. Declined calls are contracted out. This work is area maintenance craft employee work. You can go back a year or more and grieve everything because the union just became aware of the contracting when you read the requested information. You can also request the monthly ebuy and inpac card statements from the facilities in question to see what the usps has been contracting out and or purchasing labor.

    Any reason the usps gives for contracting out the work can be beat. Search art 32 arbitrations.

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