2 thoughts on “Steve Raymer for Maintenance Craft Director, Terry Martinez for Asst. Dir. (B)

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Trenton Metro Area Local
    Office held, if any
    Maintenance Craft Director

    I completely agree with you. Steve Raymer has signed settlements that reduced staffing for custodians and mos clerks by at least 25 percent across the nation. We need a change. Vote Mr. Raymer and Mr. Martinez out. Since Steve gave Terry Martinez the assistant position instead of the guy, me, who almost won the position last election, he hasn’t done anything.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Atlanta Metro Area Local 32
    Office held, if any
    Workroom Floor Steward

    Brother Glasser,

    I have long respected “The World’s Most Dangerous Local” and many of your more notorious Members there.

    But on this subject we must disagree.

    Brother MCD Raymer was all you say he was and more in years past. But since then he has changed for the worst.

    First, he was our MCD when we accepted 10% Custodial PSE’s (not counting the “new work) into our Craft. So now he is a hero because we finally got them all converted and PSE’s eliminated from our Craft? Really?: What about all that Seniority these newly converted PSE’s lost because they did hard time as PSE’s? And what about all those Veterans who could not afford to take PSE’s jobs because they had families? That damage was neither address nor remedied by MCD Raymer.

    Secondly, he traded some 30% of our Career Union Represented Custodial Jobs for Line-H grievance pay outs. I hope you do realize that is against every core Union principle that we should stand for. And look what he did for our MOS Clerks, he traded an upgrade to Level-7 for some 30% fewer MOS Clerk jobs. Again, this is a violation of every core fundamental Union principle we should be standing for.

    How many more of our Union jobs will MCD Raymer agree to trade for some money for those lucky enough to still have a job after he agrees to more staffing cuts?

    And as for Brother Assistant Craft Director Martinez, what can you say about him other than he got where he is because MCD Raymer put him there?

    Jim Lingberg was good too when he first took our MCD office, but he went soft on us and we had to vote him out and replace him with an inexperienced new guy that had fire in his belly and a desire to fight for us. History now repeats itself as MCD Raymer has become the very same James Lingberg that he replaced. And now we have Bob Hock who is the new Steve Raymer with fire in his belly and a desire to fight for us. And in a few terms if Bob Hock goes soft and starts making bad deals with management like Lingberg and Raymer did, we will repeat this cycle because that’s what we do in the Maintenance Craft.

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