Mail safety – Remember: Package, People, Plan

USPS is reminding employees to always handle mail carefully.

The Postal Service wants employees to remain vigilant about mail safety.

If you encounter a suspicious mailpiece, remember the three Ps:

• Package. Don’t bag it, containerize it or send it to another location. Leave it where it is and isolate the area.

• People. Clear people from the area and immediately notify a supervisor.

• Plan. If a supervisor isn’t available, call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455. Follow your facility’s emergency plan. If there’s an immediate threat — such as smoke, noxious fumes or vapors — or if employees are injured or show signs of illness, evacuate the area first and then contact local responders.

Poster 286, Suspicious Mail, has additional recommendations.

The Postal Service recently distributed a stand-up talk to remind employees of these guidelines.

Poster 286 – Suspicious Mail

Source: USPS

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