Letter to the editor: Don’t let Staples’ tricks fool you

The recent announcement that Staples would end its partnership with the U.S. Postal Service is nothing more than a ruse. Instead of giving up on its quest to privatize the Postal Service, Staples wants to become an “Approved Shipper.” This ploy to confuse consumers is proof that the growing protests against Staples are having an effect.

stop-staples-apwu-jobsLast year, the office supply chain announced that it would help the post office avoid paying postal workers a living wage by setting up makeshift postal stations in Staples stores. This blatant attempt to drive down wages and hollow out the middle class sparked a boycott from teachers, laborers and community leaders across the country who know that we can’t privatize our way to prosperity.

DontBuy_EasyButton_defaultThat means we have to stand up to corporations like Staples that try to undercut working families’ paychecks. I am proudly joining them in taking my business elsewhere. Will you?

— Ken Sagar, Des Moines, president, Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO

via Letter to the editor: Don’t let Staples’ tricks fool you.

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