Letter To Editor: U.S. Postal Service problems noted in rural areas

Monday’s column (Jan. 12) about rural mail suffering with new policies of the U.S. Postal Service resonated with me.


Trego, Montana Post Office

About Jan. 13, I received a mail notice from my health insurance company that they were canceling my policy in two days because of non-payment of my January dues. It happens to be the first invoice I pay every month, and according to my records, it had been mailed Jan. 2. In a phone call to the headquarters in Great Falls, they said they had received my check a day after they had mailed me the notice. Where had this check been for 10 days? My check had gone to a distribution center in Missoula and from there should have gone to the distribution center in Great Falls.

Then I noticed that my credit card company had charged a fee of $20 for late payment to them. Again, a phone call and they graciously stated they would waive the fee. How many other people have been having these problems?

Our Trego post office was cut back in November to only four hours a day, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., five days a week. Our local post office employees work very hard to get all of the mail processed besides waiting on customers, answering the phone, etc. Not easy when there is only a single clerk. Our local clerks are not the problem.

Joan Shirley,

via U.S. Postal Service: Problems noted in rural areas.

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