2017 NALC Heroes of the Year to be Honored Oct. 4

Every day, seemingly ordinary letter carriers are doing extraordinary things: responding to crises with acts of bravery and good will, serving their communities—and even saving lives.

Letter carrier heroes often pull double duty as first-responders in our neighborhoods. They prevent crimes. They rescue children. They help the elderly. They alert police. They rally others to support worthy causes. And they often risk their lives to save others.

The National Association of Letter Carriers will once again honor a number of our members as our Heroes of the Year. Their stories were picked by an independent panel of judges to represent the countless number of letter carriers who have performed heroic acts—both noticed and unsung.

The 2017 NALC Heroes of the Year Awards will be presented on Wednesday, Oct. 4, at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, DC. Members of the press are invited and encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Phil Dine at 202-662-2850 or at dine@nalc.org, or visit https://www.nalc.org/heroes.

The 2017 National Association of Letter Carriers’ Heroes of the Year:

  • Branch Service Award: NALC Branch 80, Springfield, IL
  • Humanitarian of the Year: Deb Ochetti, Minneapolis, MN
  • Unit Citation Award: Evelyn Woodward and James McKay, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Special Carrier Alert Award: Holly Allen, Charleston, WV
  • Western Region Hero of the Year: Daniel Ochoa, Garden Grove, CA
  • Central Region Hero of the Year: Donte Cotton, Dayton, OH
  • Eastern Region Hero of the Year: Clinton Parker, Waterbury, CT
  • National Hero of the Year: Matthew Lamb, Johnstown, PA Branch 451

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