4 thoughts on “Re-elect Jerome Pittman, Western Region MVS-NBA

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    Office held, if any
    MVS CRAFT DIRECTOR 2013-2016
    The settlement for the pay anomaly in Denver is far from a victory! As you guys strong armed them drivers into the settlement. And screwed the senior drivers out of two years back pay! And trust me when I say that they are far from happy with your victory to try and use for reelection!

    We all know that management only settles big pay issues in preparation arbitration because they know that they will the arbitration. And you have the email from HR that clearly stated that the drivers should have been paid back to their conversion date. But in a hurry to get a settlement and tell everyone how great you are, you put yourself above the membership!

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    San Diego Area Local 197
    Mr. Drake,
    You too have been sucked into the misrepresentative style of your San Francisco comrade. You as a Steward should know that you should not make allegations without first having the facts. You are correct, I did not use a Union printer, I produced my literature myself. Next time you want to make a comment make sure you have all of the facts first.

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    APWU - Phoenix Metro
    Since you’re posting this for a national audience it would be nice to see a copy of this alleged violation. Sounds like he could have printed this himself on his own printer.

    Further, we keep hearing this 900k HCR settlement but zero details and only at election time. You’d think other members would like to know about this “breathtaking” achievement, maybe similar violations are happening elsewhere. We have HCR issues here in Phx and not a damn thing has been done in years except for a previous Western NBA screwing us thoroughly.

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    San Francisco Local 2
    Office held, if any
    MVS Craft Director
    Brother and Sister

    Please allow me the opportunity to convey to you, what I have experienced at APWU’s 23 Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida. While the accommodations here in Orlando are quite breathtaking and the camaraderie of the membership is impossible to ignore, there is still the ongoing business of elections for National office. The Motor Vehicle Craft finished a very well informed workshop that included reports from our National Director, Assistant Director, and attending NBAs. National Business Agent, Jerome Pittman presented an engaging and well prepared report. He informed the members of his favorable arbitration decisions. Including his $900,000 HCR award in San Francisco and his Huge PSE pay anomaly settlement in Denver, Colorado. Very proud accomplishments indeed, that received reverberating applauses from the Pre-convention Workshop attendees.

    On Monday, August 22, 2016 we held the first day of our National Convention. And as such, the rules for conduct on the convention floor were presented to the delegates. It was then brought to the attention of the chair that there appeared to be a violation of the convention rules, wherein a candidate for National Office was distributing campaign literature on the floor that failed to display a Union Bug.

    It may surprise some of the members of the Motor Vehicle Craft, that the campaign literature that was being distributed on the convention floor w/out the Union Bug belonged to the opponent of our current Western Region, NBA Jerome Pittman. His opponent for NBA had made the unfortunate and unforgivable decision to utilize a non-union printer to assist him with his campaign for Western Region, National Business Agent for the Motor Vehicle Craft.

    Brothers and Sisters, we absolutely deserve the continued devotion and commitment of a true unionists and I might add a true “‘Drum Major for Justice” for our Western Region, National Business Agent in the Motor Vehicle Craft. And today that true unionists was proven to be Brother Jerome Pittman.

    Please ask yourself one question, ‘Do you want an NBA to represent your craft that doesn’t support unions?’ Simply put, either you’re pro-union or your not!!!

    Please re-elect Jerome Pittman for National Business Agent for the Motor Vehicle Craft in the Western Region.


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