Jacksonville USPS sorting facility to take on Gainesville mail


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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The United States Postal Service admits it will change the way you get first class mail and periodicals. They call it the phase 2 rationalization and one of the places being affected is the sorting facility in Jacksonville.

Most people we found dropping off mail at Jacksonville’s main sorting facility had no idea anything would be changing with their mail. But the King Street sorting facility is getting set to take on new responsibility: handling mail not only from this region but Alachua County area too when the sorting faculty in Gainesville closes.

“It’s not like it’s a huge city so I think it’ll be fine,” said Edgar Bennett of the Westside.

The postal service is trying to consolidate operations by closing 82 facilities next year to hopefully save $750 million annually, including yearly savings of more than $3.5 million in Gainesville.

“It’s kind of slow anyway. Hopefully it doesn’t cost too many people their jobs,” Bennett said.

Nobody was there when I went to the local postal workers’ union headquarters for comment about job losses in Gainesville.

But workers here like the idea of gaining 33 jobs in Jacksonville.

“It won’t slow down, it’s just making more work for us. Better for us and we could be hiring more people. That’s a good thing,” said postal worker Audra Worthy.

But not for Gainesville, it will be losing 87 positions.

This consolidation will take place as early as January 2015.

According to the postal service, this consolidation will affect 15,000 postal workers nationwide.

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