Is Critical Knowledge Lost When Employees Leave the Postal Service?

Project Title: Postal Service Knowledge Continuity
Start Date: Monday, October 4, 2021
Estimated Report Release Date: April 2022

During fall 2020, the Postal Service initiated a series of phased organizational changes to improve its ability to implement strategies and drive success. As a result of these changes, a reduction-in-force occurred in affected areas for several authorized positions.

When employees leave the Postal Service, there is a risk that institutional knowledge and experience for essential positions are lost. The objective of the audit is to determine whether the Postal Service ensures critical knowledge is not lost when employees leave the organization (due to retirement, resignation, or other reason).

  • What processes are in place to ensure knowledge is transferred before an employee leaves the agency? When employees are transferred from one facility to another in a different area or district, are the processes for performing the same duties standard or different?
  • What training, tools, and technology has the Postal Service invested in for its employees for obtaining and growing knowledge about the organization? What processes are established that ensure a stable career path and structure that provides opportunity to grow and advance within the agency?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving the transfer of knowledge or for developing/growing personnel to ensure the Postal Service maintains a knowledgeable group of people to lead the organization?
  • What, if any, concerns do you have with the Postal Service’s execution of the recent reductions-in-force due to the recent organizational realignment?

Comment to USPS OIG here: Is Critical Knowledge Lost When Employees Leave the Postal Service? | USPS Office of Inspector General

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