Is APWU President Dimondstein’s Administration incompetent or corrupt – or both?

It’s no secret that I’m persona non grata at APWU HQ. I’ve been told in confidence, by some in his administration, that President Dimondstein has expressed to his HQ minions to NOT have anything to do with me or the 21st Century Postal Worker website, Facebook Group, etc. Thankfully some pay him no mind but sadly too many heed his call, at the expense of serving the true rank and file.

Fortunately, for those members I work with on OWCP claims and EEOC cases, I always manage to prevail – it’s not like I’m dealing with rocket scientists at APWU HQ.

Below is an example of when I was forced to threaten NLRB charges by the member (who has been redacted). The matter was resolved the day they received the Certified Mail and all information requested was immediately provided. The NBA is still under strict instruction to not have any contact with me – but the way I see it, that’s her loss.

Anyway, with the APWU Election happening right now, I thought you might like to see what kind of “Leadership” we are getting out of Dimondstein’s APWU HQ. We need to revive the APWU, have true rank and file Solidarity and elect John Marcotte President for strong competent Leadership!

Letter to APWU from RZ – January 13, 2022

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