International Postal Big Data: Discussion Forum Recap

OIG_bigdata1May 12, 2014 (RARC-IB-14-002)

“Big Data” — large, complex datasets combined with sophisticated, powerful analytics — is helping transform science, research, and many industries by providing a level of insights previously unavailable at unprecedented speed. For businesses in particular – including the mail and shipping industries – the knowledge gained from the real-time analysis of vast quantities of data has the potential to spur innovation on a higher scale as well as improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction.


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Earlier this year, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General, in collaboration with the Universal Postal Union, hosted postal and big data experts to discuss how postal operators everywhere could benefit from big data and to learn from pilot experiments conducted in the postal sector.

By the end of the discussion it was clear that big data creates enormous opportunities for posts to become more agile and flexible, increase the value of postal operations and products, and improve interactions between posts and customers. Big data can also rejuvenate posts’ public service missions.

It all starts with a successful big data strategy, which requires not only the development of new capabilities, but also step-by-step implementation of major organizational and cultural changes.

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