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    Make sure your office is following the staffing/man-hours indicated in MMO-015-13 (CIOSS), MMO-016-13 (DBCS), MMO-019-13 (DIOSS-D). These documents break down the average time needed per machine over a year with different scenarios of weekly operation. Look at the time broken down for Operational Maintenance, PM routes, Reactive Maintenance times, along with Preventive Maintenance. I believe most of the other equipment has similar MMO’s written to cover staffing as well.

    Also, as Frederick says, don’t forget safety MMO’s such as MMO-140-14 (Energy Control DBCS). That’s the MMO that tells you to power down and lock out a machine each time you preform Reactive Maintenance that requires the use of a tool. There are Energy Control MMO’s for each type of equipment as well.

    Management will always try to jam staffing on operational maintenance by confusing the Operation Maintenance route(inspecting machine operation), with Reactive Maintenance (getting breakdown calls). The MMO give the checklist for OM routes and the time per tour in requires for each machine. Anytime you don’t get the staffing to do these routes, file a grievance. 80% of Operational Maintenance staffing should be ET work as well.

    If management is not following these MMO’s, ask them why not. File grievances to get the staffing needed to cover at least the times outlined in the documents.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch

    There are no requirements for minimum staffing in maintenance for OM. The last hard requirement went out the window when they dropped the requirement for an ET to be present when the OCRs were being run, IIRC. That having been said, however, your prime weapon against understaffing is simple:

    Follow ALL safety requirements to the letter.

    If you think a job requires 2 personnel, don’t do it by yourself.

    If you think the procedure requires lockout, do it.

    No shortcuts, do EVERYTHING by the book.

    Don’t rush, there are no time/work requirements which apply to OM.

    As an additional tool, file 1767s every time you feel the understaffing creates an unsafe situation.

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