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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088

    Wonderful! So simple. I am sure there are many people who are faced with the same problems I recently had. I couldn’t find BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a 2015 PA DoR REV-65 BA, the fillable blank is here http://pdf.ac/42R8nS.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088


    On Saturday, 18 April, employees were excessed with PSE’s still assigned and working in our facility.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088
    Office held, if any

    Update: Info for PSE’s in impacted facilities.

    Tonight, next week’s schedule was pulled down and the PSE scheduling was changed. Immediately after, the Tour 1 supervisor called everyone to the breakroom to explain the schedule change.

    At 2245 hours, the PSE’s in our facility were informed that tomorrow, Friday, will be the last day all but 4 of them would be scheduled to work. They will be “on call as needed” through May 1, 2015. Our PSE’s have been good employees and should have been given more information in advance, just like our career employees.

    The bottom line is that the managers above floor supervisor level elected not to give these people advance notice of what was coming because they presumed that those PSE’s would have given them the exact consideration that was given to them. I do not think that would have been the case. What USPS management chooses to ignore is that the employees they treat this way are also USPS customers; the way these folks are treated reflects poorly on the brand.

    For impacted facilities in Mid-America District, I would educate your PSE’s on what they can expect, as they will likely receive similar treatment. I hope not, but I tell it as I see it.

  4. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local #4088
    Office held, if any
    Chief Steward

    A couple of things I might add to my fellow union brother’s post. While some may say he paints quite a story, this is exactly how it has been thus far. You would think after already shuttering 140+ facilities, the Postal Disservice would have some idea how the process works and can give you SOLID answers to your questions or concerns. This is NOT the case. 4 people from Area/District HR and Labor came to “answer questions”, but beyond introducing themselves, they were silent. Had it not been for our NBA, it would have been a very quiet meeting with no real info revealed that we didn’t already know.

    There is much rumbling from rank and file members out here away from DC. In their defense, they do currently have alot on their plate (contract negotiations, grand alliance, etc). We will still do what they ask of us at the local level. I’m curious though, did any other locals have problems getting their Save the Mail informational picket kits or the more recent stickers for Sticker Day? Our local never received either that I’m aware of. It’s hard to be a part of something when you are not provided the tools you are promised. Whether it is the Disservice’s fault or National, someone at the national level should find out why these things are being delayed and by who.

    The form brother Davidson mentioned briefly, I believe, is a PS Form 2485-C, “Employee Reassignment/Change of Craft Medical Assessment Questionnaire”. I have yet to find a printable version online.

    Finally, standby time. Vern failed to mention there is only one door in this storage room. One way in, one way out. Sadly, if you Google ‘usps standby time’ you will see this is a fairly common practice by management. Mid-America District manager was adamant in discussions with our Local’s prez that there’d be “real work” for these excess employees, and that they “wouldn’t be just sitting in the breakroom with nothing to do”. This is an example of the continual string of lies you will be told by management. They would rather lie to you than keep saying “I don’t know.” Learn to find facts before you react to rumors.

  5. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088
    Office held, if any
    Whistleblowing A$$hole

    I hope the info was helpful. To me, it should be APWU national informing ALL of us on this stuff. I love my union and support it but on the consolidations we are getting mixed signals from national. On one hand we are told this is a grassroots effort and we must step up and fight at the local level. On the other, it seems that this is less of a battle cry than it is a disclaimer to lay ALL the weight on the people that are impacted. Perhaps national has information to the contrary; as of yet, I have not seen any. I understand that we are neck deep in contract negotiations right now, I get that; but this process began for us 4+ years ago. Documented proof of intentional mail delays in support of the consolidations has been made available since early 2014. It feels that we are playing out the final scenes of the film “300”… only without the Hollywood ending. Yeah, the 300 were wiped out after a vicious defense, but who will fight consolidation after we, the consolidated, are wiped out? As stated before, consolidation, the road to privatization, does not end at Phase II.

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