Hypocrisy From USPS HQ

During interest arbitration hearings the USPS sent a Union busting law firm in to denigrate Postal Employees and diminish our abilities and dedication. It was appalling to be compared to low wage uneducated workers as if we do not bring any special talents to the workplace.

Now fast forward a few months and the PMG is lavishing praise on the brave men and women showing up for work and risking their health as well as the health of family members to get much needed supplies delivered as well as the medication that keeps our fellow Americans alive.

We don’t do it for praise. We are doing our jobs! The next time we have Interest Arbitration we would appreciate it if management would show us the same respect they are showing now in an attempt to show compassion.

God Bless every Postal Employee risking it all to deliver service. God Bless America!

First Name: Frederick
Last Name: Ashley Jr
Email: frederick.ashleyjr@gmail.com
Union/Local : APWU – Utica NY
Office held if any: President

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Northwest Arkansas 667
    Email Address

    Very well stated.

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