How Oregon Mail Boxes May Change

clusterbox_mail_deliveryThousands of Oregonian and millions of American households would no longer receive door-to-door mail delivery service under legislation proposed by Representative Daryl Issa (R-CA). Instead, a growing number of households will be assigned to a local “cluster” box, where mail is distributed by U.S. postal workers to a collection of curbside mail boxes for multiple addresses. In some cases, this may mean a short walk down the street. Others may require a little more effort to retrieve mail.

Issa’s plan (HR 4670) specifically calls for gradual elimination of door-to-door mail delivery service to 1.5 million homes per year for the next 10 years, ending Saturday delivery, and closing some of the least financially solvent post offices around the country. The cluster box model proposed by Issa would reduce the overall cost of mail delivery service by $140 per affected household to $240 per year, saving a total of $2 billion annually. According to Issa, simply ending Saturday delivery would also amount to $5 billion in annual savings—total the amount of last year’s USPS deficit.

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