USPS Handbook EL-312 Revision: Recruitment

USPS_HQEffective March 5, 2015, the Postal Service™ is revising Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement, sections 212 through 223.2 to update policy on external recruitment options and publicizing job opportunities:

  • A new section, 212.1, General, is added to clarify when external hiring may be authorized.
  • The heading of section 212.2, formerly 212.1, Noncompetitive Hiring Options, is changed to delete the word “Options.” Text describing internal personnel actions (reassignment, change to lower level, promotion) was deleted because this section of policy addresses external hiring. Minor editorial revisions were added for reader ease of use.
  • Sections 212.11, 212.12, and 212.13 were deleted because this section of policy addresses external hiring.
  • The heading of section 212.3, formerly 212.2, Competitive Hiring Options, is changed to delete the word “Options.” Obsolete text was deleted and updated to state where applicants apply to compete for externally announced vacancies. Minor editorial revisions were also added for reader ease of use.
  • The heading for section 221 was changed to “Responsibilities” and the text is revised to state that recruiters, staffing specialists, and designated Postal Service hiring officials are responsible for conducting recruiting and hiring activities.
  • Section 222 is deleted.
  • Previous section 223, Publicizing Job Opportunities, is renumbered as section 222.
  • The heading for section 222.1, formerly section 223.1, is changed from Advertising Techniques to Advertising Policy. Text in this section still states that installation heads and diversity development personnel will assist in communicating the Postal Service’s commitment to provide equal employment opportunities for all applicants and incorporate portions of previous 223.12 listing ways that Human Resources can publicize external vacancy announcements.
  • Section 223.11 is deleted.
  • Section 223.12 is deleted.
  • Section 222.2, formerly 223.2, is revised with minor editorial changes to more accurately state the policy on paid advertisements.

Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement

* * * * *

2 Recruitment

* * * * *

21 Planning and Coordination

* * * * *

212 Recruitment Options

[Add new section 212.1 to read as follows:]

212.1 General

When career vacancies cannot be filled internally by employees being reassigned, promoted, changed to lower level, or converted to career (see 232.4), external hiring may be authorized. External hiring may be noncompetitive or competitive (see 212.2 and 212.3).

[Renumber current 212.1 as new 212.2, and revise the title and text to read as follows:]

212.2 Noncompetitive Hiring

Noncompetitive hiring options include the following:

a. The reinstatement of eligible former Postal Service or federal employees (see 233.32);

b. The transfer of career or career-conditional employ­ees from other federal agencies (see 233.33);

c. The appointment of veterans with 30 percent or more disabilities, or the appointment of Veterans’ Read­justment Appointment (VRA) eligibles (see 233.35 and 233.36); and

d. The Postal Service’s program for employment of per­sons with severe disabilities. For more information, see 235.4, Noncompetitive Career Hiring of Persons With Severe Disabilities, and Handbook EL-307, Rea­sonable Accommodation, An Interactive Process.

Regardless of the choice of action, the appointee must meet the qualification standards of the position.

[Delete sections 212.11, 212.12, and 212.13.]

[Renumber current 212.2 as new 212.3, and revise the title and text to read as follows:]

212.3 Competitive Hiring

Applicants who apply on or www.usa­ for externally-announced vacancies compete for selection.

a. Recruitment activities (see 22) may be planned and coordinated to attract qualified applicants.

b. Applicants are ranked by final score and selections are made from a Hiring List (see 623).

c. Selected applicants must:

i. Be qualified for the position’s requirements;

ii. Be determined as eligible for employment; and

iii. Meet the suitability requirements (see Chapter 6).

If the applicant claims veterans’ preference, their qualifying basic score is increased by 5 or 10 points, if appropriate (see 48, Veterans Preference).

22 Conducting Recruitment Activities

[Revise the title and text of 221 to read as follows:]

221 Responsibilities

Recruiters, staffing specialists, and designated Postal Ser­vice hiring officials are responsible for conducting recruit­ment and hiring activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, which will provide the Postal Service with the best qualified applicants.

[Delete section 222 in its entirety.]

[Renumber current 223 as new 222:]

222 Publicizing Job Opportunities

[Renumber current 223.1 as new 222.1, and revise the title and text to read as follows:]

222.1 Advertising Policy

Internal and external advertising will communicate:

a. Postal Service commitment to provide equal employ­ment opportunities for all applicants regardless of race, gender, sex, national origin, religion, disabilities, or veterans’ status; and

b. Use of special hiring processes, where appropriate.

Installation heads and diversity development personnel will assist in communicating this message. When advertising externally, Human Resources may, consistent with postal regulations, do the following:

a. Post announcements in federal, state, and municipal buildings open to the public.

b. Send press releases to newspapers and other peri­odicals, including those directed toward women, mi­norities, veterans, and people with disabilities.

c. Supply information to public and nonprofit employ­ment services and to other social service agencies, veterans’ organizations, state employment agencies, and organizations that represent special emphasis groups (see 223.12b).

d. Use public service advertisements or spots on radio or television to reach the members of the community.

e. Advertise on the Internet.

f. Partner with appropriate State Employment and Job Service Offices to:

i. Promote maximum publicity of recruitment efforts; and

ii. Increase the pool of qualified applicants through the employment service network.

g. Conduct and participate in job fairs, open houses, or other recruitment activities to reach the community.

[Delete sections 223.11 and 223.12.]

[Renumber current 223.2 as new 222.2, and revise the text to read as follows:]

222.2 Paid Advertisements

All reasonable non-funded recruitment efforts must be made before using funded recruitment activities unless:

a. Prior authorization is given to use funded activities; or

b. Recruitment costs are met by partnering with feder­ally funded state employment service agencies.

The manager, Human Resources, may approve the use of paid advertisements when:

a. Insufficient numbers of qualified applicants have been recruited using non-funded recruitment methods.

b. Insufficient numbers of qualified applicants have been recruited from special emphasis groups.


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