Grievance Information: Pointers for a Union Steward

danger-educated-union-memberAttached for your information is grievance information for your review. The information is the result of a similar e-mail from Joe Paul, Clerk Craft Director, Florida State APWU.

As a National Arbitration Advocate and when I was a local and national officer I have reviewed a lot of grievances. Local stewards in many cases are rushed to complete their grievance forms and sometimes will take short cuts. These short cuts can cause problems later.

The basic rules of thumb are:

1. Fill in every space/block on the grievance form.
2. Try to state the problem as clearly and precisely.
3. Be clear on the corrective action (what you want).

See: Pointers for a Union Steward [PDF] / [DOC]

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Via Bobby Donelson, President
Retiree Chapter
Southwest Coastal Area Local

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