Gary Kloepfer: The End of the Greatest Era in Maintenance


Gary Kloepfer

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Maintenance Division,

Recently I announced my intention to seek the position of Director of Maintenance in this year’s election of National Officers. Unfortunately I must now inform you that due to recent changes to my health I will no longer be seeking election for any elected national APWU position.

I want to thank Mike Burris and Bob Hock for stepping up to join me in my quest to “STOP THE BLEEDING OF MAINTENANCE WORK FROM OUR CRAFT” and to restore dignity and security to all Maintenance Occupational Groups and the work we perform. Our current National Officers have been away from the workroom floor for decades, individually and collectively, they are no longer in touch with the reality of the current workroom floor problems and environment. The number of career custodians continues to decrease, excessing protections for Veterans have been eroded, the number of contract employees has increased dramatically since 2010 and will increase even more with the implementation of the new MS-1, more EAS employees are still performing Maintenance bargaining unit work than ever before, etc.

Despite my inability to personally invoke a Positive Change and Restore Dignity and Security to all Maintenance Occupational Groups and the work we perform, in 2016 I AM PROUD AND HONORED TO EXTEND MY SUPPORT TO ROBERT “BOB” HOCK TO BE OUR NEXT MAINTENANCE DIVISION DIRECTOR AND MIKE BURRIS FOR ASSTANT DIRECTOR “B”.

Finally, I want to thank all my friends, members, Local and State Organizations that agreed and supported my assessment the replacement of the current National Maintenance Officers was a paramount issue to the future of the Maintenance Craft.

I now respectfully ask that you continue our efforts bring about positive changes by supporting Bob and Mike as well as strongly encouraging the members of your Local in the National Maintenance Officers in the 2016 election of national officers.

In Solidarity,

Gary Kloepfer


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