Former PMG Bailar quits Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee

former_PMG_BailarFormer postmaster general Benjamin F. Bailar has resigned from the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, questioning the value of continuing a panel that has guided United States stamp policy since 1957.

In a letter to Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe, Bailar suggested that the committee has become overly concerned about trying to raise money for the cash-poor U.S. Postal Service and less worried about what message U.S. stamps offer the world.

His July 23 letter was not meant to be made public but Linn’s obtained a copy from a source outside the Postal Service.

Bailar’s nine-paragraph letter indicates that concerns raised by CSAC at a September 2013 meeting, when all members signed a letter of protest to Donahoe about their role in the stamp program, have not been resolved.

Bailar referred indirectly to that protest in his letter, but told Donahoe, “It is not my objective in this short letter to give you chapter and verse on the problems of CSAC.”

“Suffice it to say that the committee should be a first-class resource for you and the Postal Service, and I believe it is no longer meeting that standard,” Bailar said.

“In my opinion the committee bears little resemblance to what it was a few short years ago,” he said.

“Service on the committee is no longer rewarding.”

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