Gone Postal: A Documentary to Save the People’s Post Office – Final Day of Fundraising Campaign

August 19th is the Final Day to Contribute to the IndieGoGo Fundraising campaign for Gone Postal: A Documentary to Save the People’s Post Office

Tuesday August 19th is the final day to join the movement of Community Members and Postal Workers coming together to Save The People’s Post Office. We must defend what’s ours before it’s gone.

gone_postal_docIn Gone Postal: The Documentary, Jay Galione weaves the personal story of his father, a postal clerk of 30 years, with stories of postal workers nationwide who are harassed, threatened, and fired for standing up for themselves and their fellow employees. After embarking on a journey to interview workers and experts across the country, they found a problematic and dysfunctional culture throughout the Post Office that needed to be exposed.

As Jay and fellow filmmaker Sheila Dvorak gathered these stories, the very existence of the Post Office became threatened, and a fight to Save the Post Office emerged. Through destructive acts of Congress, the government robbed the USPS of billions of dollars, forcing a crisis. Now postal managers are cutting services, privatizing, downsizing, and eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs. The film upends the conventional story that the Internet is killing the Post Office.

The filmmakers are releasing Gone Postal: The Documentary to reclaim the historic and public communication service by educating, motivating, and inspiring the American people. Right now they are asking people to believe in the impact this story can have and contribute to the completion of their film. Like all independent media, they need the support of their audience and have launched a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo.com. Crowd source fundraising platforms are a powerful tool to support investigations that are ignored by the mainstream media.

The campaign and movie trailer are located at: www.gonepostalfilm.com/trailer

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