Fellow Americans, Don’t Let Our Ignorance Destroy Us

Eric_WattreeBeneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree
If we allow the GOP to destroy the United States Postal Service (America’s Oldest institution), it could mean no longer having your mail delivered to your door, rural customers having to go into town to pickup their mail, and exorbitant costs added to mailing a letter, and therefore, additional charges added to all bills that you receive through the mail.

For the pennies a year that it would cost the citizens of the country to maintain an efficient postal service, the brutal attack that’s currently being lodged against this institution is totally unnecessary. The ONLY reason for this attack on this nation’s postal service is to break it up and distribute its pieces to enrich greedy political cronies. So once again, it’s yet another senseless attack on America’s poor and middle class to the advantage of the top 1%. When will it end? When we bring it to an end!

Mr. President, it’s Time to Have A Few Fireside Chats

Mr. President,
The situation with the GOP has gotten way out of hand. They have literally become the domestic enemy of the United States, and the people need to be informed. They are a much bigger threat to America than Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda can only destroy buildings, but the current GOP is out to destroy the American way of life. So if Al Qaeda represents a rattlesnake in America’s garden, the GOP is a python under the bed. It’s time to start having a few fireside chats to document the facts, and please start with the facts below. They outline irrefutable truths.


(July 1, 2014) The racist animosities that are running rampant among ALL segments of the American people are playing right into the hands of the those who are our most insidious enemy – the global corporatists. These people are intent upon enslaving us all. The only difference between literal slavery and what they have in mind for us is we’ll have to provide our own housing.

These people are no longer Americans; they are now globalists, and America is just a virtual cotton field to them. And as long as they keep the poor and middle class fighting and hating one another, we’ll be powerless against their social and political manipulation. So “illegal aliens” and others are far from the biggest threat to the American way of life – the corporatists are.


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