FEEA: COVID Assistance for Postal Workers

Via Joyce Warner, Executive Director, Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund:


I hope you, your loved ones, and colleagues are well. I’m writing to update you on the Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund’s (FEEA) ongoing programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, we have introduced a free cloth mask distribution program for federal and postal employees. Eligible employees can sign up here: https://feea.org/masks/

Second, for feds who have Leave Without Pay (LWOP) due to COVID-19 illness or quarantine, FEEA is offering up to $1,000 in assistance. Lower income federal and postal employees (annual salary under $75,000/yr) are eligible for up to a $500 grant and $500 no-fee, no-interest loan; feds making over $75,000/yr are eligible for up to $1,000 loan. Eligible employees can apply at: http://feea.org/coronavirus-help.

Third, FEEA is also offering $1,000 bridge grants to the surviving spouse or child of federal and postal employees who have passed away due to COVID-19 and to federal and postal employees who lose a spouse or child due to the virus. Those affected should email emergency@feea.org for more information.

Finally, we are also still updating our COVID-19 resource page for federal employees, which can be found at: http://feea.org/coronavirus/.

All of these programs are thanks to the many individual and organizational donors who have stepped forward at this time of national tragedy to support FEEA and our work.

Please help us spread the word to feds in need!

Joyce Warner
Executive Director
Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA)
1641 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone: 202-554-0007, ext 101
Email: jwarner@feea.org
CFC# 11185

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