FBO: Postal Regulatory Commission Request For Proposal – Parcel Market Data

usps_parcelsParcel Market Data
Solicitation Number: PRC-2014-4
Agency: Postal Regulatory Commission
Office: PRC Office of Administration
Location: PRC HQ

The Postal Service’s parcel delivery products compete in a dynamic market, and the position and performance of these products in the marketplace is often a consideration in proceedings before the Commission. Monitoring market share and on-time performance data will help the Commission to make well-informed decisions in the performance of its regulatory responsibilities, including evaluating the Postal Service’s market power and determining the appropriate share of institutional costs to be contributed by competitive products.

The Commission is seeking these data for the most recent year available, as well as for the previous 10 years.

Scope of Work
The Commission would like to enter into a contract with a Contractor to produce data that can be analyzed by the market segments identified in Items 1-6 below, for Postal Service parcel products in:

(a) the most recent year available;
(b) the most recent ten years available

To enable these data to be used in conjunction with pricing, costs, and other Postal Service reported data, a crosswalk showing the relationship between the market segments identified in Items 1-6 below and the Postal Service product(s) included in them should be provided.

  • 1. Speed of Delivery (e.g., same day, overnight, 2-day, or ground service)
    1.1. Postal Service volumes and market share
    1.2. On-time performance (Postal Service and industry average)
  • 2. Package Weight or Size (e.g., small/light, med, large/heavy)
    2.1. Postal Service volumes and market share
  • 3. Type of sender and recipient (e.g., Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer)
    3.1. Postal Service volumes and market share
    3.2. For business senders, a breakout by small/med/large volume senders
  • 4. Density of deliveries (e.g., deliveries to urban, suburban, or rural areas)
    4.1. Postal Service volumes and market share
  • 5. Last mile vs. end-to-end service
    5.1. Postal Service volumes and market share
  • 6. Parcels delivered Monday through Friday, and those delivered on Saturdays
    6.1. Postal Service volumes and market share

The Commission would also like a proposal for a separate contract of a later date to provide the same data in each future year beyond the year for which data is most recently available, using methodology developed for presenting the data in (a) and (b) above.

Assistance from the Commission
The Commission will provide background documents and make staff available to answer any questions the contractor may have.



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