4 thoughts on “APWU 2019 Election of Officers: Fake News, Facts or Just My Opinion

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    It is political season in the APWU. Chairs are being re-arranged on the deck of the Titanic. Who is showing up for work? Who is on my team? Are ya with me?

    Meanwhile what is the status of our contract?

    Is that the best we could do on a new website?

    Once the election is over can our national officers put away their ambitions and do what’s right for our members.

    Finally, if you are a national officer you should be showing up for work. Yes you are entitled to take vacations but attendance records should be provided to show if we have officers not showing up.

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    On your “Fake News, Facts or Just My Opinion” piece posted on July 22nd you focused at first on the question of how we ended up with two distinct tickets made up of current national and resident officers. The fact is, there are three such tickets, slates or whatever one wishes to call such groups. You also left out the other team yet mention their leader. So, in reality there are four “teams” running.

    My response to you is not to debate your knowledge of our internal history, or opinion for that matter, especially since you state your writing efforts takes hours. Instead, I respond to your wish to engage others about the issues and candidates.

    I admire your declaration that you will expose anyone who attempts to rewrite history or outright lies about their history. But, you also state your beliefs on what occurred are based on numerous discussions with others. I don’t question your veracity. However, in advocacy such reliance could be challenged to a degree as hearsay.

    I am blessed to have worked “with” all six APWU Presidents and worked “for” three. I also served on three contract Rank & File Bargaining Advisory Committees and saw the interaction of the President with the Committee and the internal mechanism of negotiations. I saw first hand contract history being made serving with Sister Josie McMillian, God Rest Her Soul. She the President of the largest local and I President of the 2nd largest local. And as an officer on the NEB I have witnessed the ramifications of our collective bargaining.

    I also served as Co-Chair of the National Presidents’ Conference and as you previously posted was a founding member of POPS (Pissed Off Presidents) a more militant offshoot of the NPC. I say all that to say that I do not have a need to re-write history, the union’s nor mine. So the following is what I lived and saw for myself. Those you have discussions with, if forthright, will tell you I am an independent voice on the NEB and within the Administration and will voice and vote my conscience on what I truly believe is best for the members I am elected to serve. At times this has pitted me against more than one President. Those that don’t like it can take it or leave it.

    I have been on six national union “teams” (given our election cycles). Wide deference is granted to the head of the team, the Presidential candidate, as to who will be accepted into the team. The exception was Vice-President Guffey when McCarthy hinted at wanting to run for President. We first had to dispose of that and as you have stated the rest is history. And as history would have it I almost got booted off of Guffey’s incumbent team because of my sentiment on the contract he negotiated. More often than not, potential candidates who are not incumbents are either voted in or accepted by acclamation.

    I read with interest how you blame Sister Robinson for the current “situation” because of her insistence on a particular candidate for Organization Director in years past. What I can say to you is that it’s true, there was reluctance by MVS to embrace an “outside” organizer. I know, I was there. As to Sister Robinson, she made her choices then, as she does now and as she always has!

    The current “situation”, as you call it, has occurred because the NEB incumbents and the incumbent resident officers exercised their constitutional right to support the candidate of his/her choice and to participate in that right with others. To band, I suppose, as you put it. Each individual has made their own political choice. There are some decent union sisters and brothers on other teams.

    I was asked to be on the Administration’s team and I was told the incumbent VP would not be on the team. I voiced my opinion on that matter and then joined the team. I did have one condition, as did others, I would not be on a team with opposition against Maintenance Director Balogun.

    You see, Balogun’s Team is the third team I referenced. True to his spirit and beliefs he has maintained independence as is his right, and if he could not be on the Administration’s team for whatever reason, I was not going to be opposed to Balogun. The Administration’s team does not have a Maintenance Director candidate and that is current history.

    While you state the “band” disbanded the fact remains that 82% of the National Executive Board stayed together to win. Of course, you are not the only one bothered by the fact that “now” others are speaking out. I do not always agree with our President on policy or practice. And as a recent post showed, if necessary, I will speak out publicly and in writing defending internal union rights while keeping management at bay lest they try to capitalize on dissent.

    I firmly believe in our union’s constitution. Our President is responsible for all the work of the Union and all officers work under the President’s supervision. Do I differ with him- yes I do! Would I do things different-perhaps! Do I work under his direction- that’s the Constitution! Is the President perfect- Who is? But the reason we have a constitution is in order to form a more perfect union. I definitely agree with you that the elections should be about qualifications and that not one person is responsible for the workplace environment at 1300 L Street HQ.

    In your piece, although you do not acknowledge the forth team you do mention McKinnon. I did not vote to replace him on our team in the last election because he owes anyone any money. I voted because the critical job of the Department of Industrial Relations was not being done for the members I represent.

    Some final notes- we have had mixed administrations before. Ironically, some on the so called opposition teams were brought into two administrations by our current President who himself defeated a sitting President and had to work hard to build consensus. Win, lose or draw if we stick to the principles laid out in our constitution and truly believe in them we will persevere.

    I for one, do not own the office I currently hold, nor does incumbency guarantee re-election. But I do work hard every single day to uphold my oath of office, provide the service our members deserve and to be able to hold my head up high to proclaim that I belong to and work for the American Postal Workers Union representing the Western Region. I stand on my record not rhetoric.

    That being said Leroy, I thank you for your years of service, your dedication and your input my APWU brother.

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    Thank you for taking the time and responding to LeRoy’s post.

    Yes, this is a difficult time for us all and difficult choices need to be made. I have been an active Union member, since 1997, and this election cycle has me scratching my head. There are so many good (and qualified) leaders that are participating in the elections. We (Members) need a little clarity (or help) in deciding how we are going to vote.

    Personally, I need to here more from the incumbents (or National Officers) that are currently employed at HQ. I need to hear honest dialogue (like yours) to help me determine if a change is needed (based on internal issues with current administration) or if this is all some school yard chatter.

    With that being said, if we (Members) collectively decide to have a new regime (or not), we all will be able to learn from our past in hopes for a better (brighter) future at HQ.

    Thanks again, Lamont, for your insight!!

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    Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughtful opinion but I must clarify some things in your statement and please go back to confirm what I am stating as there is documented proof.

    Mark asked Joyce to run on his ticket as Director of Education and he sent the request to her via certified mail and she responded. When Joyce does not come to work, she is ALWAYS on leave, most of the time annual leave (which she earned and can use just like any other employee). Liz Powell can confirm leave request. It is also true that in spite of the working conditions (for the most part starting the last three months in 2018) most officers tried to put this team of officers, for the most part back together for the good of the membership. Negative talking in the interim would have served no purpose. You can’t mend fences while bashing.

    You have made it clear through numerous writings, that as you stated is documented history of who you personally prefer and why and that is your right. You stated a preference for Greg. You stated a preference for Dena. While everyone bears a responsibility, it starts it the top and as a past local president and NPC Chair, you know that as a leader you have to bring leaders together. If you use your analysis, referencing the last 3-6 years, Mark and Debbie ran together since their Team came into existence. Based on that don’t they both share the wins as well as losses together. Mark has stated numerous times openly how loyal Debbie was to him and a great unionist she is and how she did everything he asked of her. I will also state Mark has a right to run for office with whomever he pleases.

    I am simply trying to say that these are difficult times with many complications. Do you know why each individual office is not running on the ticket and why? Have you talked to each candidate? I’ve been honest and forthright with my responses and have even stated I will provide documented proof when asked and to this day I have not spoken with you or received an inquiry from you and that to is your right.

    I close by respecting your opinion and your right, but everyone is slightly bias to the candidate of their choice. The NPC Presidents in March 2018 gave us a mandate to go back to 1300 L. Street, discuss our difference and try to have a working relationship amongst us. Many requested a group meeting several times, form many candidates on both sides and it never happened, period. You should be able to easily validate that. Talk to the Craft and Directors and General Officers on the Together We Win Team. I did not want a split because the Postal Service wins and the Union loses.

    Again I am not debating your opinion, but we still have not seen all the facts. There are two sides to every opinion. Thank you for indulging me. I am still requesting everyone’s support, even if you do not make endorsement and I will work with whoever is elected to office by the membership. You are a respected leader of the APWU and your opinions have great influence, and for that reason I had to set the record straight on a couple of things.

    In union solidarity, the struggle continues.

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