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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    TMAL 1020
    Office held, if any
    Industrial Relations Director
    Is that all you have Mike? I believe all members in good standing have the right to run for office. Where does it state in the Constitutution that only Philly Boys are allowed to run for national office?
    BTW, where were you Mike during the Anthrax? Did someone tell you to hide? While you boys were hiding, Bill Lewis was fighting to reopen the facility and he did. Not only the Trenton P&DC reopened, but Bill Lewis won 5.3 million dollar travel compensation settlement for his members.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Philly BMC Local #7048
    Office held, if any
    President, Philadelphia BMC Local #7048, National Business Agent 1989 to 2007, Eastern Region Coordinator 2007 to current day
    My opponent will continue to post his lies but I cannot continue to respond as I have a very demanding job serving the membership of this great Union. But here are some immediate observations.

    1) My Opponent: Terrible Judgment
    He has keep on an attorney for his Local and the NJ State organization for years that represented a lawsuit against the former Eastern Region Coordinator. This lawsuit was defended against by the APWU. This lawsuit was finally withdrawn but it cost our dues paying members $44,844.58 to defend against. Contact me for the details.

    2) My Opponent: Pathetic Advocacy
    He has only handled a handful of cases years ago in arbitration and lost almost all of them. Check it out on SEARCH. He then thankfully quit as an advocate many years ago.

    Although he has run to be an NBA a number of times and now for Regional Coordinator, a prerequisite is that you have to have a demonstrated history as a winner in negotiating and arbitrating. If management knows you are just a bumbler why would they settle anything with you? I have a very, very long history of winning advocacy. Check it out on SEARCH.

    In fact, just in my opponent’s home installation, I have won more tripartite jurisdictional disputes (the most challenging type of arbitration) than he has won total cases of any kind in his career. Check out the section on arbitration wins on my webpage, MIKEGALLAGHER2016ERC.COM.

    3) My Opponent: 3 Time Loser in National Election
    He has run in the last 3 elections against my friend and one of the best and most talented National Business Agents in the country, Maintenance NBA Bill LaSalle. In 2007and 2010 he was rejected overwhelmingly in the membership’s vote. In 2013 he was eligible to be on the ballot again for Maintenance NBA but I talked him out of it and he withdrew before the deadline.
    These kinds of nuisance candidates should be banned constitutionally from running over and over again.

    4) My Opponent: Criticizes me for voting for the last CBA
    While my opponent now criticizes me for endorsing the last contract, the records show that his own Local and State organization both voted to ratify the last contract, and so did over 75% of our Locals nationwide.

    5) My Opponent: Article 12 and Excessing
    Our record in the Eastern Region is one of reducing or eliminating most excessing events. Ask your NBAs that are involved with me in every excessing event, Rachel Walthall, Bill LaSalle, Ken Prinz or Jeff Kehlert. My opponent has even mocked the locals in the area that have been excessed into his local as weaklings.

    6) My Opponent: Now claims he is an Educator
    Over the last 8 years I have run a Tri State Educational Conference in DE, NJ and PA and every year I ask him for suggestions of what programs to run and he never has had even 1 positive suggestion. And while I prop him up at the Tri State as a sponsor the reality is he hasn’t lifted a finger. He has never instructed any course at the Tri State in all these years.

    7) The Grievance Procedure
    My opponent complains about everything and does nothing but his point on the Grievance Arbitrator Procedure being broken is well taken. I have attempted to get the APWU out of the employer dominated Joint Arbitration Scheduling System by discussing this issue at a number of National Executive Board meetings and introducing Convention resolutions to go back to the prior method of scheduling. Please vote for this resolution at the National Convention.
    Vote for Mike Gallagher for Eastern Region Coordinator.

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    NJ Shore Area Local
    Office held, if any
    Vice President
    I cant express enough how ALL crafts in our region will benefit with Bill Lewis as our regional coordinator. His reputation and arbitration awards speak volumes. I personally have Bill on my speed dial. It is never a bad time for Bill to pick up his phone. He is a walking book of knowledge to beating management and always is willing to pass that knowledge on. He is knowledgeable in all crafts, mail processing, and retail. He is driven and gives a damn about each and every member of ALL locals.
    Do the Eastern Region right by voting William “Bill” Lewis for Eastern Regional Coordinator!!

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