2 thoughts on “Election Appeal Filed on Ed Knipe for distribiting Non-Union Campaign Material

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    San Francisco Local 2
    Office held, if any
    Western Region MVS National Business Agent
    As most know (especially my opponent) the APWU search program has not been accurate for years. It does not include cases that were settled by pre arb agreements that are done immediately before the arbitration date, cases settled at the arbitration, and cases scheduled for arbitration where the entire docket is settled. There are also many cases that are simply not entered into APWU Search for whatever reason.

    Most of my arbitration cases are settled after being put on a docket and pre arb discussions are started. Management constantly settles and pulls out of arbitrations at the last minute. This is the entire record that I speak of, and while I have had a high percentage, I doubt that it is 90% as my opponent claims.

    On the other hand, If we were to go strictly by APWU search as my opponent has done, check out what it says my opponent has accomplished since becoming an arbitration advocate in 2007.

    According to APWU search my opponent has only done 5 arbitrations in his entire arbitration career, dating back to 2007, with him losing 4 of those, for a 20% winning percentage.

    I would never try and mislead the membership, with this incomplete information because I also know that this could not be my opponents complete record.

    As we all know the job of an NBA requires constant travel. I have one of the largest Regions to cover, with responsibilities for covering the 11 Western states.

    With 11 states to cover, there is constant travel and it is true that I am not in my office in Pasadena everyday. I work out of my office, the Burlingame office, hotel rooms, local union offices, my car, or where ever I am when work needs to be done.

    As a result I work constantly, resolving hundreds of step 3 grievances monthly, in the Pacific area, and the Western Area, which also involves traveling out of the office.. I meet monthly on PRE arb meetings in both the Pacific area and the Western area. I also travel to several arbitrations each month in addition to the various sites that I travel too for various training that I give.

    This results in my being caught up on my step 3 case loads, arbitrations, pre arbs, and training in the Western Region.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Phoenix Metro
    So this isn’t true… “My opponent states that he has a 90% win rate in arbitration. The APWU Search program, which tracks arbitration cases, shows a 57% win rate for my opponent. What else has he misrepresented that hasn’t been published? How about the fact that he doesn’t work out of the Pasadena office as he is supposed to according to those who work there? Through his glowing endorsement of my opponent our National Director must condone this misrepresentation by my opponent to the membership.” From the APWU candidate statements.

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