Elect William “Bill” Lewis – Candidate for APWU Eastern Regional Coordinator

Bill Lewis - For responsive, involved and experienced leadership

Bill Lewis – responsive, involved and experienced leadership

As local and state president for many years I am uniquely qualified to address all of the issues affecting our members. As a National Officer I will represent all crafts when our rights are denied. Effective communication with all locals is our pathway to success. We must engage in regular interaction with each other to share ideas and jointly develop action plans.

As state president I have focused on educating our stewards to better represent the members. I have sponsored many educational seminars including the Tri-State.

Currently I have been successful in converting PSEs in our plants, I believe in conversion not reversion. The 204 B issues have brought thousands of dollars to my members for violations. Post Plan over 15 hours has yielded 4 of the highest payouts in the country. We must hold management accountable.

I have always fought excessing and demanded that the USPS be held to the contractual language regarding excessing. We should always make excessing events as difficult as possible and not roll over as we have seen in the past.

I will work tirelessly to correct our broken arbitration system.

The incumbent Eastern Regional Coordinator supported the last contract where we were set back 20 years or more. We may never regain what we lost. Visit BillLewisTMAL.com for the emails supporting my claim.

My record of availability to all locals, large and small is second to none.

I continue to stand up and fight the injustices we face in the Postal Service and will always oppose those who deny us our rights.

Before you vote – ask yourself, what has the incumbent Eastern Regional Coordinator done for my local?  Vote William “Bill” Lewis for responsive, involved and experienced leadership in our Eastern Region. Visit BillLewisTMAL.com

2 thoughts on “Elect William “Bill” Lewis – Candidate for APWU Eastern Regional Coordinator

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    NJSAL #6419
    Office held, if any
    Vice President
    I’ve known Bill Lewis for 25 years. Not only is he my mentor but he is my friend. He works around the clock making sure the members are being protected. Whenever anyone needs help or just advice Bill is the one they can turn to. Bill has proven to stand strong for us through some of the toughest times especially The Anthrax attack. He has experience, intelligence, and most of all “Heart”. He will fight the fight and protect our jobs. He knows exactly what is going on out there on that workroom floor. He sees it first hand. He knows we need to stop them. He will and can make a difference. He will make a fantastic regional coordinator!!

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - SJAL 526
    Office held, if any
    Director of Associate Offices, Shop Steward APWU, Shop Steward NALC (former)
    You have my vote, and I will endorse you, with any clerk I know. Same as it ever was. We waited 14 months for this !! This is the only union that allows managers to do clerk work in AO s . Getting Tacs work, how does that fit into a already maxed out Full Time job, was this even addressed? Operational swipes, what LDC on Function 4 . Arbitration should have put in imidately, you can not deal or bargain with the USPS. What I see in offices being lowered, is these elimination of managers jobs being preserved and regular jobs eliminated for lack of 8 hour assignments, and most PTFs never getting converted! The clerk craft director and all involved is a joke not to see this coming. I did it before, I’m doing it again voting every incumbent out, how can any AO clerk feel protected when managers are allowed to do your job!! Thanks for protecting the AO interest!!

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