Elect Jeff Kehlert APWU Vice President (endorsement by 21cpw admin)

Jeff Kehlert at 2014 APWU Biennial National Convention

Jeff Kehlert at 2014 APWU Biennial National Convention

I fully support and endorse Jeff Kehlert for the position of APWU Vice President.  I believe he possesses the leadership qualities and experience necessary for the job.  Jeff has made very important contributions to the American Postal Workers Union as an officer, arbitration advocate and educator.  His deep commitment to educational activities and training opportunities  strengthen our membership.

I met Jeff Kehlert a few years ago at a class he was teaching at the NJSPWU convention.¬† I was very impressed¬†by his technique and how he¬†effectively communicated¬†with everyone and made the learning environment interactive and fun.¬†¬† His knowledge and¬†comprehension of our Contract and various MOUs¬†is outstanding.¬† Jeff has taught stewards and officers¬†at conventions, seminars and conferences across the country.¬† His teachings focus on¬†winning strategies and outside-the-box¬†approaches¬†for doing battle with corrupt, criminal and incompetent postal management.¬†¬†Jeff has also been a regular instructor at the highly successful Postal Labor Unions’ Summer School¬† in WV and the Stewards College¬† in WA.

Jeff Kehlert is author of the very powerful and informative Strategy Book Series Рa must have for all stewards and officers to ensure success in the grievance-arbitration process.  The past few years, Jeff has allowed me to upload and make available selections from his invaluable Strategy Book Series on the 21st Century Postal Worker website.  He is dedicated to the rank-and-file workers he serves and recognizes the value of the website.

There are two other candidates in the election for APWU Vice President: Greg Bell and Debby Szeredy.  In my opinion, they are good unionists and passionate about the APWU, but they are not qualified for the job:

  • Greg Bell has not held¬†any office in 3 years and¬†his union activities have¬†diminished.¬† Prior to that, it’s my opinion¬†Greg was marginally effective in his capacity as a union officer, though in his earlier years he contributed more.¬†¬†He also supported¬†ratification of the 2010-2015 concessionary CBA.¬†¬†¬†I feel¬†Greg Bell is not the man for the job as he is not experienced with the new challenges we face in the “new” postal service.
  • Debby Szeredy¬†has held the position of Vice President for the last three years and has¬†no outstanding accomplishments to show for it.¬†¬†¬†I believe Debby is clearly not fit or worthy¬†to hold the office of¬†Vice President, or any other office.¬† An example of what I’m referring to is exemplified in her complete disregard and abandonment of a¬†rank and file member who entrusted his welfare to her based on promises she made but did not keep.¬† The member was witnessing management’s deliberate attempts to delay mail and rationalize consolidation of a postal facility.¬†¬†Debby had publicly asked the membership for this type information in her position as Vice President.¬†¬† I met Debby in person at¬†a NJSPWU Convention in 2014¬†and we talked at length about the case and she seemed very interested and told me to email her everything I had.¬† The member took pictures and was working with an¬†OIG agent.¬† I assisted in¬†sending the¬†evidence¬†to Debby –¬†hundreds of pictures and descriptions¬†in many emails over a period of weeks.¬† That was the last we ever heard from Debby – she would not take phone calls or answer emails.¬† In the meantime, the member was being threatened with removal and the OIG disavowed any knowledge or involvement.¬† Debby blew a major¬†opportunity to expose massive corruption, illegal delay of mail,¬†and falsification of¬†records¬†to favor¬†consolidation.¬† But more importantly, she failed the membership.¬† Her incompetency may well have cost hundreds of APWU¬†jobs when the consolidations proceeded and excessing began.¬† It’s my opinion Debby Szeredy contributes nothing to the betterment of the rank-and-file.

Jeff Kehlert’s¬†numerous contributions to the education and representation of the APWU membership along with his vast experience, knowledge¬†and wisdom,¬†make him the clear choice for Vice President of the APWU.

I strongly urge all APWU members to elect Jeff Kehlert APWU Vice President.

Campaign Website: JeffKehlertVP2016.com

First Name: Randy
Last Name: Zelznick
Email: RZelznick@www.21cpw.com
Union/Local: APWU – Philadelphia, PA Retiree Chapter
Office held if any: Retired Maintenance Craft Electronics Technician / 21CPW Site Administrator

Please, no matter who you vote for, participate in union democracy and VOTE!

3 thoughts on “Elect Jeff Kehlert APWU Vice President (endorsement by 21cpw admin)

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU local 199 Richmond P & DC
    Email Address

    You are my go to for information… Thank you for your time and attention.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU/Southwest Coastal Area Local 917
    Office held, if any
    Chief Steward

    Thanks for sharing Randy. For me personally, your opinion matters. Jeff had my vote. Btw, you mentioned a “steward college” in Washington, is this college approved by the APWU and are stewards from other states allowed to attend?

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Trenton Metro Area Local
    Office held, if any
    National Business Agent

    Randy, your heartfelt endorsement is greatly appreciated.

    I have said it before, all of us in the APWU owe you a deep debt of gratitude for the open exchange of ideas, opinions and information you so ably provide at 21cpw.


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