USPS OIG: Does MODS Work Hour and Mail Volume Data Accurately Reflect Work Performed?

Project Title: Management Operating Data System (MODS) Errors and Adjustments
Start Date: Monday, August 6, 2018
Estimated Report Release Date: January 2019

The Management Operating Data System (MODS) provides data on workload, work hours, and machine-use. In addition to supporting operational planning, MODS data are used extensively in Postal Service costing and pricing activities. Supervisors may manually enter or adjust employee work hours and mail volume.

Postal Service policy states that field offices are responsible for accurately recording work hour and volume in MODS in a timely manner. Adjustments to work hours and volumes must be verified and approved by supervisors at the facility, area, or headquarters levels, depending on when the adjustments occur. MODS errors and adjustments that occur without proper oversight and approval could impact accuracy of the data.

We are conducting this audit to assess the impact of MODS errors and adjustments on product cost estimates, and to determine if realignment or consolidation of MODS operation numbers could improve data quality.

  • How are clocking errors occurring and what do you think are the main causes of incorrect recording of work hours and mail volume in MODS operations?
  • How do supervisors identify clocking errors and mail volume anomalies in MODS, and how do they determine when to make corrections?
  • Do you think USPS employees understand the importance of properly recording work hours to the appropriate MODS operation numbers? How does headquarters communicate the importance of this to the field?
  • Do you think a reduction in MODS operation numbers would decrease the number of workhour and mail volume recording errors? What other changes do you think would improve the accuracy of the data?

Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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