Detroit NDC reduces ‘missent parcels’

Detroit District Distribution Operations Manager Desiree Brooks and Network Distribution Center Clerk Anthony Gibson-Smith verify labels are placed in the correct bins recently.

Detroit District’s largest facility has taken a unique approach to slash the percentage of parcels that are processed and dispatched to an incorrect zone.

Through the efforts of a special team of managers and employees, the Detroit Network Distribution Center has reduced these “missent parcels” by 55 percent, dropping from 3,300 to 1,400 parcels per week.

“We started with little changes that ended up making a big difference,” said the team’s leader, Distribution Operations Manager Desiree Brooks.

For example, the team found that labels weren’t being properly inserted into automated tray equipment, while other labels were being printed incorrectly.

In addition to fixing these problems, the team made other changes, including adding quality control checks and introducing visual aids to help employees use automated equipment properly.

The team that implemented the changes is one of several being used by Detroit District to make service improvements. The teams are part of broader efforts to improve USPS performance.

One of the keys to the Detroit team’s success has been the inclusion of employees who use parcel-processing equipment.

“My experience working on the machine supports this project,” said NDC Clerk Anthony Gibson-Smith, a team member. “My co-workers are eager to assist too. We all want to make a difference.”

Source: USPS News Link

One thought on “Detroit NDC reduces ‘missent parcels’

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO. Flint MI Area Local Retiree Chapter.
    Office held, if any
    Past President Michigan State Retiree Chapter & Former Central Region National Retiree Representative (a.k.a. Delegate)
    DDAL President, Keith Combs. What do you have to say about this, especially the “team” thing mentioned in the article? We aren’t permitting the edging closer to the EI/QWL concepts, are we? Any aspects of this “team” function that violates the CBA? Is the DDAL consulted regarding this P.P. operation? Safety standards maintained or improved? I’m always concerned, a red flag goes up, whenever USPS management releases a ‘feeley-goodie’ press account that repeatedly uses the term “team” when referring to management-bargaining unit worker (co)operation. Very often it’s the uninformed, newer employee(s) that gets roped into the “team” b.s. What does the APWU, DDAL have to say?

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