Delayed Postal Delivery Means Wasted Absentee Votes

By Steve Pociask – September 29, 2016
vote-ballotUS Postal Service (USPS) consumers are seeing declining service standards. They know their packages don’t arrive on time. What they may not realize, however, is that this may also cost them their vote.

38 states require absentee ballots to be received by election day. However, USPS rules have changed and that first class letter mail, like absentee ballots which were once consistently delivered the next day in the same community, are now routed through distant regional processing centers. These centers are often in different states and hundreds of miles away.

If that isn’t bad enough, despite setting more relaxed quality and delivery standards, a recent post office inspector general’s report showed a 51% increase in mail processing delays. In short, USPS has lowered the bar for success and then dramatically missed the new lower bar.

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