It’s Time for Postal Unions and Mailers To ‘KISS’ on USPS Reform

The editorial below from “an anonymous PostCom board member” appeared in this week’s issue of PostCom Bulletin, the organization’s newsletter. I thought the insights about how to get postal reform moving and about the U.S. Postal Service’s governing body were worth sharing with a wider audience, so I’m republishing it with the permission of PostCom.

A few explanations are in order: “FERS” and “CSRS” are the pension plans for postal employees. “RHBF” is the U.S. Postal Service’s Retiree Health Benefit Fund, which USPS must “prefund” (actually “overfund”) because of manipulative Congressional accounting. Congress Hears the Truth About Postal Service Finances explains how the federal government is milking USPS dry through prepayments and pension overcharges. “PAEA” is the law governing USPS pricing and other financial matters.

keep-it-simple-stupidOh, and for those who don’t know, “KISS” stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” Always good advice, especially when dealing with Congress.

See Editorial here:  Dead Tree Edition: It’s Time for Postal Unions and Mailers To ‘KISS’ on USPS Reform.

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