DBCS Staffing, Safety and Grievance Strategies

Via Jeff Kehlert, NBA – Philadelphia Region Clerk Division:

DBCS-machine“This Handbook – number 21 in the ongoing Strategy Book Series – combines for the first time the Collective Bargaining Agreement and JCIM provisions with necessary evidence, arbitral reference, interview illustrations and applicable remedial remedies to formulate an overall strategic plan to combat the U.S. Postal Service’s continued assault on contractually required DBCS machine staffing.

In what has become an increasingly widespread epidemic throughout the country, the U.S. Postal Service is ramping up it’s circumvention of the “normal” staffing of two DBCS operators and attempting to create a one operator norm.

We believe this Strategy Book will empower you to successfully prosecute U.S. Postal Service’s violations and best protect Members’ bargaining unit work and jobs.”


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