NEW – Compliance & Enforcement Strategy Book by NBA Jeff Kehlert

Via APWU NBA Jeff Kehlert:


To the Members, Shop Stewards and Officers of the American Postal Workers Union:  I am eternally grateful to all of you for allowing me the privilege to serve.


My thanks to National Business Agents John Louis Jackson, Jr. & Robert Romanowski and to Providence RI Area Local President Ann Albro-Mathieu for their review and suggestions in the production of this, my last Strategy Book as a National Business Agent.

“The strategies contained in these pages are intended to incentivize the United States Postal Service towards its Article 15 compliance requirements. It is my belief that with the push at Headquarters along with deliberate and calculated action at the Local/State level – both working in support of one another – the USPS will begin to correct its disregard for its compliance and adherence obligations. Like the DBCS Strategy Book, the first multi-grievance initiative, filing multiple grievances due to USPS failures/refusals to comply and adhere will bring the pressure necessary to coerce the Postal Service to posture for resolution. And, we will send clear signals to our Membership that we are doing everything possible to obtain for them what they are entitled to when their rights are denied and the CBA is violated. Our Members certainly deserve everything all of us can do at all levels of the Union to make the USPS fulfill its required obligations.”

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