APWU Clerk Craft NBA “A” Jack Crawford endorses Marcotte for President, Wood for Southern Region Coordinator, Aleman for NBA “C”

Dear Local President, Officers, Stewards & Friends

Clerk NBA “A” Jack Crawford

It has been an honor and a pleasure serving as your National Business Agent for over 20 years now. If you know me, you know that my commitment has and will always be to the members I represent and it will never be compromised for Union politics. I have always represented the membership professionally and with dignity which has earned me the trust and respect of every member I have represented, along with management at both National and Local levels. I have always done what was best for the members I represent and not what was right for political officers or leaders. I have never been afraid to stand alone in the fight for what is right and neither should you. This struggle is real and there is no time for politics, members livelihoods are at stake. That is why I am endorsing the following candidates in the National Elections. (See attachments)

John Marcotte – President
(click link for campaign flyer)

Sam Wood – Southern Region Coordinator
(click link for campaign flyer)

Alex Aleman – National Business Agent, Clerk Craft, “C”
(click link for campaign flyer)

I have never been about politics and I am not now. I would never endorse a candidate because of their political affiliation with others officers who has absolutely no interest in your well being, especially when it’s proven their allegiance is to the political powers that be and not the membership. My interest and concerns are for the members in the southern region I represent and that is why I am endorsing these candidates. In my years of experience, I truly believe these candidates will best represent the Southern Region and not bow to political BS. The choice is yours, Politics or Representation. Please choose wisely.

Jack Crawford
National Business Agent, Clerk Craft “A”

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