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08/05/2016 – Updated organizing materials are now available, including a Welcome Book, and PSE Brochure, Organization Director Anna Smith has announced.

“The material is easy to read, and offers more information for union members,” Smith explained.

“It also covers a few time-sensitive benefits for those who are converted, as well as other websites union members may find help,” she added.

The Safety & Health, FMLA, APWU Health Plan, Legislative and National Officer’s section were updated and union sign-up forms were moved.

The Welcome Folder, which houses the Welcome Book, now has slits in it for contact cards, Smith said.

“You may want to consider making a card that includes the dates of General Membership Meeting, local or state website info, contact phone numbers, or info about members’ right to union representation in one of the slots,” she added.

“Leaders are encouraged to include a personalized letter in the folder as well.”

PSE Brochure


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The PSE Brochure has been updated with current information including pay scales, holiday pay, and health benefit information.

“These brochures are still designed so they can be folded in half and mailed to our nonmembers,” Smith explained. “They can also be put in the welcome folders.”

Smith thanked all the members, local leaders, and officers who provided input and assistance in updating the materials.

“If you have any input or suggestions on how to make the materials work better for you in your organizing efforts do not hesitate to reach out to me,” she said. “Thank you for all your efforts in organizing, together we will continue to make great progress!”

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