Carol Stream P&DC has introduced Custodial Team Cleaning


Carol Stream, IL, Maintenance Operations Supervisor Freeland Gogins and Custodian JoJo Francisco inspect tools created for the new Custodial Team Cleaning program.

An Illinois Postal Service facility is using new tools and training to create cleaner, healthier workplaces.

The Carol Stream Processing and Distribution Center has introduced Custodial Team Cleaning, a national program that combines tried-and-true approaches with environmentally friendly processes.

“This is a new era of cleaning,” said JoJo Francisco, a custodian at the facility.

The program includes a two-day training course for custodians, as well as cleaning tools that are engineered to better scrub surfaces and significantly reduce bacteria growth.

Maintenance Operations Supervisor Freeland Gogins said employees are enthusiastic about the program.

“I believe with the training and their drive and with their input, we will be successful here at this facility,” he said.

Source: USPS News Link

One thought on “Carol Stream P&DC has introduced Custodial Team Cleaning

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    APWU - Boise, Idaho Local 650
    Office held, if any
    Shop Steward

    If you like being micro-managed and followed around then team cleaning is working. Vacuum packs hurt backs and shoulders. Tools don’t work so great. I had my boss follow me around for 3 hours asking about what goes in what container, etc. I’m thinking about being a carrier after this system. Our plant is dirtier than its ever been. And God forbid someone calls in and you have to do all their work based on the insane time they don’t give you.

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