Video: Brown recluse spiders force Fisherville PO to close temporarily

fisherville_poBy Sarah Phinney – May 4, 2015
FISHERVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Brown recluse spiders are causing the Fisherville Post Office to temporarily close its doors. United States Postal Service spokesperson David Walton says spiders were found during a recent inspection.

“We didn’t want to take any chances so we thought the best course of action here was to close the building until the situation remedied,” said Walton. “We do have an exterminator involved. They are setting traps.”

spiderWalton says the spiders are drawn to quiet places.

“Any place that is dark and quiet that doesn’t get a lot of traffic and there are areas of a post office that are like that,” he said.

Customers can now pick up PO box mail at the Eastwood Post Office, about three miles away.

“Of course this is an inconvenience and we do apologize for that,” said Walton. “But once they understand the reasoning behind the temporary suspension. They seem to understand the situation.”

In 2012, the Fairdale Post Office closed for the same reason. It was shut down for four months. Walton says the infestation in Fishervillle doesn’t seem to be as severe. But, he points out it’s not just a post office problem. A woman who lives nearby is dealing with it, too.

“She told me she has a barn nearby and it’s infested with spiders,” he said.

William Thomas, who lives across the street, hopes the problem doesn’t spread his way.

“I was worried about it because I was afraid that when they tried to get rid of them they would scurry over to our place,” Thomas said.

Walton says it is unclear when the post office will reopen. There were no reports of employees or customers being bit.

Source: Brown recluse spiders force Fisherville Post Office to close tem – WDRB 41 Louisville News

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