Breaking News – DBCS Staffing (2 Per Machine) & PSE Orientation

Via Sam Wood, President – Southwest Florida Area Local – APWU
(8/24/2016) Industrial Relations Director Tony McKinnon and Assistant Clerk Craft Director Lynn Pallas-Barber just announced two National Settlements to the 2016 APWU National Convention Delegates.

1) PSE Orientation – signed 8/23/2016

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2) DBCS Staffing – signed 8/24/2016

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News – DBCS Staffing (2 Per Machine) & PSE Orientation

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Stu Filbey / Baltimore Local
    Office held, if any
    Career Clerk at Linthicum IMF, Linthicum Maryland
    I was in minutes on one of the DBCS MACHINES at the Linthicum IMF due to the fact I was forced to work alone on a heavy mail night (Sunday night). I was also forced by a supervisor to load Money Mailers into the Machine on Saturday having worked the machine alone that night as well. My injury occurred 05/23/2011 and to date I still have nerve damage etc. in the left arm and have been sat out of work with no signs of them finding a position for me in light duty. My injury is permanent and has been noted not only by my doctor but OWCP’s Doctor as well. The management of the faculty even tried to label my former position as light duty in attempt to bring me back doing the same thing that caused the injury so as to get me of OWCP for refusing the position. This is great new for the people still working them but what about the people like me that are injured and forgotten and feel not even out union is stepping up to help us?

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Rapid City, SD Local 760
    Office held, if any
    Great news! We have had the staffing issue settled for many years now, thanks to the hard fought work of our Local stewards and officers and our NBA at the time, Lyle Krueth. Let’s get the rest of the country on board with this! And if we can just convince the USPS that the ergonomics of these machines is all wrong. NIOSH has a great study on that issue, but it fell on deaf ears with the USPS.

    See: 2009 APWU NIOSH Letter – DBCS Complaints
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