Audio: PRC Chief Taub Talks About a Postal Service at the Crossroads

Robert Taub, Acting Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission, chats with Senior Editor Al Urbanski about the exigent surcharge, postal reform, and the future of the PRC.

Robert Taub

Robert Taub

URBANSKI: Hello, everyone, and welcome to DC Direct, where we talk to movers and shakers in Washington about issues facing direct marketers. I’m Al Urbanski, Senior Editor of Direct Marketing News. Today we have with us Acting Chairman Robert Taub of the Postal Regulatory Commission. At the end of last year, Mr. Taub was appointed by President Obama to assume the chairmanship vacated by Commissioner Ruth Goldway. Long involved in postal affairs, Taub helped moved the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act through Congress as an aide to Representative John McHugh in 2006. Today he’s right back in the heat of things during the first few months of his administration, with several unanswered questions dogging the Postal Service, not the least of which are rate structures, service obligations and what form new postal reform legislation might take. Mr. Taub, thanks for joining us today to shed light on some of these questions.

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Source: PRC Chief Taub Talks About a Postal Service at the Crossroads – Direct Marketing News – September 11, 2015

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