One thought on “Article by Desi Neurohr – Candidate for Retirees Department Director

  1. Office held, if any
    Michigan State Retiree Chapter Retiree Advisor. Past President.
    As a retiree voting member, I want to know what each of the 4 candidates’ positions are/will be on critical retiree related Resolutions to amend the APWU Constitution.

    It’s ‘rumored’ that those Resolutions were non-concurred by the Committee, no surprise there. But, respectfully Desi, your track record in Retiree Involvement and internal Department issues belies your campaign statement. Your prior Union activity is commendable, and I don’t question your Union heart, or that of any of the 4 candidates. That’s not at question. It’s critical to elect the most qualified, knowledgeable candidate on our retiree issues, legislative AND internal Department matters that you have not addressed. I don’t doubt your sincerity. Your statement reveals an innocence of the relationship between the Dept., rank & file Retirees Dept. leadership in the field, and the APWU leadership at the top. As Moe was want to say: “The Struggle Continues”.

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