USPS OIG Audit Project: Are Carriers Correctly Reporting Package Deliveries?


Project Title: Package Delivery Scanning – Chicago District
Start Date: Monday, August 24, 2015
Estimated Report Release Date: February 2016

Today the U.S. Postal Service uses several delivery status events to create a fully visible delivery system. It has increased its tracking from five to 13 possible scanning events, and uses both active and automated barcode scanning to track packages. Package tracking events can be viewed via the Postal Service’s Track and Confirm system.

The Postal Service uses package scanning data to measure service performance so it is visible to customers. Performance is measured from when the Postal Service first accepts a package for delivery and scans it as received to the first stop-the-clock scan event. The postal carrier uses a handheld scanner to perform this stop-the-clock scan, which indicates the Postal Service’s commitment to deliver the package is complete.

The Postal Service’s goal is to provide world class visibility for its products and service. However, customers across the country are posting comments to social media sites about their experiences with Postal Service carriers. Many customers are commenting that carriers are not delivering or attempting to deliver their packages even though tracking indicates otherwise. Carriers are required to scan packages they deliver or attempt to deliver at the point of delivery.

  • Have you received notification that your package was delivered, but not received your package?
  • Have you received notification of an attempt to deliver your package, but no attempt was made by the carrier?
  • What improvements can be made so carriers can more accurately provide delivery scans for customers?

Source: Are Carriers Correctly Reporting Package Deliveries? | USPS Office of Inspector General

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