Are APWU Retirees who only pay $36/yr dues allowed to vote on Tentative Agreements?

I’m a dues paying Retiree Member of the APWU, but not a full dues paying Retiree. I tried to be a full dues paying Retiree when I retired more than 10 years ago but got no cooperation from APWU National or my APWU Local. I guess they didn’t need or want my money.

So I was shocked to receive this email (see below). I should not be receiving a ballot unless I undergo an appeal process as outlined in Article 3, Section 4d of the Constitution. This requirement can’t be simply overridden with a new 1187. Again, I am currently not entitled to a ballot, right?

If this is some sort of official organizing campaign, it seems to be an underhanded way of bilking $36/yr dues paying Retiree members out of more money and possibly violates the APWU Constitution – and if it’s not legit, it’s a serious flaw that could put the entire ratification voting process in jeopardy.  Either way, both scenarios should be unacceptable to the rank and file.

Unless I missed something? Please, can anyone out there explain this to me?

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One thought on “Are APWU Retirees who only pay $36/yr dues allowed to vote on Tentative Agreements?

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Auburn WA Local
    Office held, if any
    Retired President
    Email Address

    The NALC Constitution prohibits sending a referendum ballot on a proposed national agreement to retirees and non-bargaining unit members. The APWU Constitution has no similar provision, though that would be logical.

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