APWU WR Coordinator Gonzalez was on The Special Report: US Post Office In Crisis

From: Grace Diaz <gdiaz@specialneedsnetwork.org>
Date: August 19, 2020 at 10:31:15 AM PDT
To: Omar Gonzalez <ogonzalez@apwu.org>
Subject: A Special Thank You
Reply-To: <gdiaz@specialneedsnetwork.org>

Dear Omar,

Thank you so much for joining The Special Report today. Your insightful comments are an invaluable part of a dialogue that is informing and inspiring viewers across the country. We have attached a link from your segment. Please post it on your social accounts and tag @arevamartin and @specialneedsnetwork and use the hashtag #TheSpecialReport.


Finally, if you have a story and or guest that you would like to pitch to the show, please send the information to the above email address.

Again, thank you so much for joining me and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Be safe out there and let’s stay connected!

Areva Martin
C/O Grace Diaz
Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President
Special Needs Network, Inc.
T (323) 291-7100 | F (323) 291-7104

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