APWU, USPS Resolve Dispute over Forced Bids in Motor Vehicle Craft

APWU_MVSWeb News Article #: 193-2015
10/08/2015 – The APWU and USPS have signed an agreement that prohibits management from initiating the posting of annual bids in the Motor Vehicle Service Craft pursuant to any audit review, Assistant Director Javier E. Piñeres has announced.

The dispute that led to the Sept. 30 Memorandum of Understanding Re: Zero Base Initiative arose last year, when reports from the field indicated that local managers were forcing the posting of annual bids as a result of audits performed by Zero Base Initiative teams, in violation of Article 39.2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Article 39.2.A.6 (page 232) and the Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (page 296) affirm that assignments shall be posted for bid once each calendar year “when requested by the Union.”

Highlights of the Agreement:

  • Any newly established duty assignments that may be created through the application of an audit review process or any subsequent survey or audit may be posted pursuant to Article 39.2.
  • The union is the sole party that may request that all Full-time Regular Motor Vehicle Operation assignments are posted.
  • The MOU does not give any more standing or credence to the “Zero Base,” or any reviews of that nature, over any other postings under Article 39.2.



“The APWU stands firm that it does not agree with ‘Zero Base’ or any similar audits,” Piñeres said. “However, this agreement gives locals the opportunity to file disputes and grieve actions local management may take regarding forcing bids or improper postings, as a result of a Zero Base or any other audit review.

“All provisions of Article 39.2 and the Joint Contract Interpretation Manual, which affirm that the union is the sole party that may request an annual bid, must be applied regarding posting,” he said.

For background on the Zero Base Initiative, click here.

Source: APWU, USPS Resolve Dispute over Forced Bids in Motor Vehicle Craft | APWU

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