APWU: USPS Connect Local pilot program expands to New York Districts

From: Sam Lisenbe <slisenbe@apwu.org>
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2022
Subject: USPS Connect Local Program

APWU Family,

I am resending this email because the original attachment was too large to be opened by some. The attachment has been changed to a zip drive, so hopefully this rectifies the problem.

Attached is a notification letter dated February 14, 2022 that I received this morning regarding the Postal Service’s Program titled “USPS Connect Local”. This program began as a pilot in some districts in Texas, of which we were notified during our bi-weekly meetings of the Retail Training Taskforce. We were recently notified that the program would be expanded to New York Districts this week. The USPS’ official “launch date” was February 22, 2022. USPS Connect Local is part of the Postal Service’s Delivering For America Plan and is offered to micro to medium-sized businesses for same-day or next-day delivery service of the new Parcel Select Packages and First-Class Mail options. The USPS plan is to eventually expand the program to 2,622 locations nationwide.

Included with the notification letter are several documents. I have listed the content of these documents below for easy reference when scrolling down the entire attachment.

  1. Rollout schedules by *District and *City/Office
  2. Summary of the 5 Steps – How USPS Connect Local Works
  3. USPS Connect Local List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  4. USPS Connect Local Fact Sheet
  5. Shipping Supply Items that are available through Click-N-Ship
  6. Additional FAQs
  7. Letter from the PMG and a list of items in the kit
  8. How-To Guide
  9. USPS Connect Local Service Talk for all Employees
  10. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for USPS Connect Local Acceptance
  11. USPS Connect Local Standard Work Instructions (SWI) broken down by *General, *Clerks, and *SSAs

Hopefully, the Postal Service will utilize our dedicated employees properly and this program will result in additional resources for the USPS, more work for the Clerk Craft, and an improved image of the USPS in terms of delivery service standards. We will continue to meet with USPS representatives concerning this program and keep you informed of its progress.

Please share with your Local and State leaders.

In Solidarity,

Sam Lisenbe
Assistant Director
Clerk Craft

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